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CPAs Jay Guttmann, Leon Schenker, and Milton Rosenblatt are experienced professionals who strive to help small businesses operate more efficiently and confidently. Their firm, SRG Advisors, LLC, provides accounting and tax services to the many businesses in Hackensack, Teaneck, Fort Lee, Paramus, and the surrounding communities.

Accounting Services for All Businesses

Tax planning, book balancing, and other accounting services are all expertly provided by SRG Advisors, LLC. The team of accountants at our firm in Hackensack can serve businesses in almost every industry and field, but we do have extensive experience in helping real estate businesses operate. Unique tax planning opportunities and the specific guidelines a real estate business faces result in an accounting situation that requires precise, professional, experienced attention. We have the history, knowledge, and qualified understanding needed to properly address these needs in a timely manner; realtors, property owners, and other companies in the real estate field can be assured that they will receive the highest assistance our firm can provide.

Examples of the specific services {comapny_name} offers to businesses in real estate and other fields include:

  • Business Tax Return Preparation
  • Business Audits and Reviews
  • Tax Planning
  • Part-Time CFO Services

Assuring the Best Service from Our Firm

Our firm offers several different services that help your business survive. What SRG Advisors, LLC truly takes pride in, however, is the way we assure the quality of our accounting services.

At our office in Hackensack, we pride ourselves on having an internal structure that promotes the review and revision of your business tax returns and tax planning for maximum accuracy, so that your tax liability is not excessive or inaccurate. When our firm prepares a company’s tax documents, we make use of a dedicated review team to keep those forms filled out in the most precise way for your company’s needs. One of our founding CPAs then takes a second look at the prepared documents, further establishing the accuracy of the work we do for you. This level of examination is how our accounting team exceeds expectation and provides tax and accounting services of a high caliber to your company.

Contact Us

For more information regarding how SRG Advisors, LLC can help your company succeed, contact our office today. Based in Hackensack, our services extend to other Bergen County communities, including Fort Lee, Paramus, and Teaneck.

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