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What Makes Our Hackensack, NJ Firm Different

CPAs Leon Schenker, Milton Rosenblatt, and Jay Guttmann practice certain values at our firm that uphold our highest goal: the financial success and customer satisfaction of our clients. By following these values, SRG Advisors, LLC provides effective accounting services in Hackensack, New York City, (Manhattan), Teaneck, Fort Lee, Paramus, and the surrounding communities.

Utilizing Experience Properly

Sometimes, CPAs who start and grow their own businesses become distant from their clients, due to the daily challenges of running a business. This is a situation our firm hopes to avoid.

Our Hackensack CPAs know that their experience strengthens the quality of the services our firm provides. Jay, Leon, and Milton always review our services. Whether that is reviewing a tax return to see if your business missed any deductions or making sure your profit and loss sheets are completely accurate, our CPAs lend their expertise to you specifically so that you receive the best service from our firm.

Keeping Our Services Personable

Even though we serve many businesses in many areas, we are still an independent firm. SRG Advisors, LLC is flexible and attentive enough to adjust the services we deliver to meet the complete needs of our clients.

For example, many accounting firms serve either large corporations or small businesses as a specialty. If you instead operate a medium-sized business, where your net worth is higher than some but much lower than others, you may find accounting services to be too specialized or too broad to actually serve your accounting needs effectively. At our Hackensack firm, Milton, Leon, and Jay are attentive to your unique situation and provide tailored the services that meet your specific situation.

Saving Our Clients from Stress and Time

The money you can save through our accounting services is only one-third of the benefits you receive when you outsource your accounting to a firm like SRG Advisors, LLC. You are also rewarded by saving time and preventing unnecessary stress.

When smaller- and medium-sized businesses attempt to manage all of their accounting functions on their own, they tend to lose time that could be spent performing other managerial functions. Additionally, whether it is these missed opportunities or concerns regarding whether certain financial statements, tax returns, and other records are accurate, trying to perform accounting duties without professional assistance can cause more stress than it is worth. By outsourcing their accounting functions, from simple bookkeeping to hiring a part-time CFO, you can start spending their time on more pressing issues and stop stressing over their general ledger.

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SRG Advisors, LLC provides accounting services to the businesses of Hackensack, New York City, (Manhattan) Teaneck, Paramus, Fort Lee, and the surrounding communities. For more information, contact our firm today. 

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